C SEED 301 – The world’s largest outdoor TV.

Looking to entertain outdoors on your large projector display screen?? That is so 2019, behold the Ultimate in outdoor entertainment C SEED 301. The dimensions are in the name, it measures 301 inches from corner to corner made from carbon fiber and titanium and weighing in at 1650 kg.

This display provides crystal clear picture quality even in direct sunlight thanks to its exceptional luminosity of 4.500 nits and its contrast ratio of 4.500:1, together with 48 bit color depth

Unfolding beauty

That’s not all, this beauty has a folding mechanism which allows it to stay hidden in an underground storage casing, and with the push of a button watch as it unfolds in 25 seconds to achieve its full height of 19 ft or 6 m with effortless ease. Fine Austrian design, and truly is the only way to live!

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Expected release date – Mid 2020


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